(Non-DOT Regulated) Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program Development

The applicable laws, regulations, and practical concerns in designing, implementing, and administering a lawful and effective substance abuse testing program are challenging for employers of any size and in any industry.

Before implementing a workplace drug and/or alcohol testing program, employers should carefully consider the issues outlined below, as well as any limitations or prohibitions imposed by federal, state, or local law.

  • Who should be tested?
  • What types of testing will be conducted?
  • What substances will employees be tested for?
  • What are considered violations of the policy?
  • What discipline will be imposed?
  • Who will administer the program?
  • How will the program be communicated to employees and/or applicants?

PW Associates, Inc. provides consultative assistance in the process of developing and implementing a drug-free workplace policy and program.

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